The Mugging of TikTok Should Embarrass Every Sentient American

by John Tamny
The American Institute for Economic Research

It’s accepted wisdom that at least in terms of talent, Patrick Mahomes is the greatest quarterback in the world right now. Imagine then, the embarrassment Kansas City Chiefs fans would feel if they witnessed Mahomes belittling Las Vegas Raider third stringer Nathan Peterman about his career stats of 3 touchdown passes and 12 interceptions.

In a musical sense, imagine Beyonce Knowles viciously criticizing the singing of a young, aspiring singer merely thrilled to be showcasing her skills in front of the globally popular diva. More locally, imagine witnessing the richest kid at school teasing the poorest kid for his dated clothes and shoes.

This came to mind while reading about President Trump’s threat last week to ban the globally popular Chinese-owned video app, TikTok.

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