Syracuse University to Reprimand Students Who Witness ‘Racist’ Incidents and Don’t Act

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

Syracuse University has announced that it will punish students who witness “bias-motivated” incidents and “acts of hate” but chose not to interfere.

The story: Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Keith Alford, the school’s first diversity and inclusion officer, penned an email last month, informing students that Syracuse University has made several changes to the Student Code of Conduct, which they will have to sign in the fall. Under the changes, “bias-motivated” incidents will result in more severe punishments and “bystanders and accomplices” will be reprimanded for their inaction and silence.

“The Code of Student Conduct has been revised, based on your input, to state that violations of the code that are bias-motivated—including conduct motivated by racism—will be punished more severely. The University also revised the code to make clear when bystanders and accomplices can be held accountable. The code will be prepared and distributed for students to sign in the fall.”

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