Small Landlords, Tenants, Lenders, Governments Grapple with “Extend-and-Pretend Forevermore”

by Nick Corbishley
Wolf Street

Most of the fallout from the Pandemic has been postponed in the UK. But then what?

The British public was recently treated to an exemplary example of what Wolf Street likes to call “extend and pretend forevermore.” At the end of last week, the UK government extended its ban on tenant evictions by four extra weeks. First launched in late March, the ban was supposed to last three months, but it was extended by an additional two months in June. Now, it’s been extended til late September.

In other words, tenants will have been safe from legal eviction for six months so far this year. The government also lengthened the minimum period of notice a landlord has to give before evicting a tenant from two months to six months.

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