Skepticism About the Bannon Indictment

by Benjamin Wetmore
American Thinker

Joe Biden’s campaign spokeswoman could barely contain her glee at the news that Steve Bannon is being indicted by the Southern District of New York on a variety of fraud allegations related to fundraising for “We Build the Wall,” telling USA Today that “no one needed an indictment to know that Steve Bannon is a fraud.” But a close reading of the indictment shows that the politicization of the DOJ by elements of the radical left has been its own long-running fraud.

A good friend of mine and former employer, Congressman Steve Stockman, received a federal ten-year prison sentence for crimes he did not commit, in a trial that was a circus. He received horrible legal counsel at trial because most federal criminal defense attorneys are not prepared for a political trial. Similarly, Gen. Michael Flynn pled guilty on the advice of counsel to crimes he did not commit due to a setup that uncovered notes now revealed was instigated by former President Obama while in office, and he struggles now simply to have the charges dismissed even though the prosecutors are on his side. The federal judicial process is so broken for defendants caught in its web that it often seems to even the innocent that the only option is to accept any plea.

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