Opposed to Government Intervention, Crisis or Not

by Veronique de Rugy
The American Institute for Economic Research

I am often asked why I come across as someone who is opposed to government intervention even in times of crisis. This question reflects a profound misunderstanding of my position. In cases like this I often think about the lyrics from Russ Roberts and John Papola, Keynes vs. Hayek round 2. The song is about the response to the Great Recession but it applies to other events.

[..] Proponents of a large government response during crises believe in the “leave it to you” route in the name that during crises, centralization can be beneficial. Unfortunately, even though I fully acknowledge that in times of emergencies, governments at different levels can play a positive role, in most cases, government officials and institutions do a terrible job at solving problems, even when it is their job to do so.

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