New Generation of Gold Bugs with John Rubino

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino returns… Bitcoin created a new generation of goldbugs. Making the case for bitcoin is also making the case for gold, so cryptos have created a whole new crop of potential goldbugs. How is real estate still booming??? Even house flipping is hot. Totally unprecedented in a recession. Rental rates plummet in NYC. Negative interest rates impoverish pensioners. Irish central bank now charging negative rate on pension funds. Pandemic corruption. Covid vaccine companies will be exempt from liability for damage done. Kodak gets massive loan from the US. UFOs false flag or biggest event in human history? The government is apparently ready to admit that UFOs are real and that we have pieces of spaceships. False flag? Distraction from something else? Good or bad for gold? Maxwell documents released. Clinton is in there … what else? LAW AND ORDER BREAKS DOWN. Shootings in NY and Chicago soar. Seattle proposes to cut police funding in half. Minneapolis residents are patrolling their own neighborhoods. Big protests in Germany against masks, lockdown. Is Trump benefitting from the incoherence of big city mayors? Also, Australia’s new lockdown. In the announcement “Wherever you slept last night, that’s where you’ll sleep for the next six weeks.”

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