Much Worse is Coming

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

It has been heartbreaking to watch what has been transpiring on the streets of America in recent months. Our founders intended for us to be united by a common set of values, but now our differences are literally tearing our nation to pieces. Americans are fighting other Americans in the streets, and that should make all of us incredibly sad. Does anyone out there actually believe that all of this violence will be resolved by the upcoming election? If anything, rising political tensions are likely to make the violence even worse, and if the result of the presidential election is contested by either side that could easily take things to an even higher level. We have entered such a dangerous chapter in American history, and I am extremely concerned about the months ahead.

In Portland, there have been nightly protests for more than three months straight. We have never seen anything like this before, and I really wish that the violence would have been put to an end long ago.

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