L.A. Mayor Crowned Covid-19 ‘Dictator’ After Shutting Off Utilities at Hollywood Mansion

Eric Garcetti orders power, water cut to TikTok celebrity’s home

by RT
Info Wars

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti has been labeled a despotic hypocrite by social media, after he cut off water and power at a TikTok influencer’s residence where gatherings were held in violation of coronavirus orders.

In a tweet, Garcetti announced that he had instructed the city to disconnect utility services at a house in the Hollywood Hills, claiming that its tenants had put the community at risk by hosting parties “in flagrant violation of our public health orders.”

The residence in question has reportedly been the site of several large social gatherings since the start of August. The New York Times reported that one of the property’s residents is a TikTok personality, Bryce Hall, who has made headlines with his extravagant partying.

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