‘Justice for Darius Sessoms’ Facebook Group Set Up by Troll Attracts Thousands of Actual Supporters

Beyond sick.

by Paul Joseph Watson
Info Wars

A ‘justice for Darius Sessoms’ Facebook group that was apparently started by a troll to bait BLM supporters was shut down after numerous members began actually expressing sympathy with the African-American man charged with shooting a 5-year-old boy in the head.

Earlier this month, Cannon Hinnant was gunned down at point blank range by Sessoms for the ‘crime’ of riding his bike on the convicted felon’s property.

The story was ignored by every national media outlet bar Fox News for almost a week, with CNN finally reporting on it after massive pressure.

As we previously highlighted, some leftists reacted by celebrating the brutal killing, with one asserting that Hinnant deserved to be killed because of his “white privilege.”

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