Judgment is Coming for America – Michael Snyder with Greg Hunter

Michael Snyder – God’s Prophetic Warnings for America

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Journalist and book author Michael Snyder predicts, “Judgment is coming for America.” Snyder lays out his case in his new book called “Lost Prophecies of the Future of America.” Snyder says, “You look in the Bible and see ancient Israel, and God called on the people of Israel to repent. You have gone into evil and repent and come back to me. If you don’t come back to me, bad things are going to happen. . . . In our time, America has gone off into great, great evil. What does a nation that has killed 60 million children (by abortion) deserve? That is just one element of where we have gone horribly wrong. In our day and time, God has sent men and women of God, and in my book . . . I have prophecies from the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s and every decade up to today. For example, look at West Coast seismic events, or whatever, and you will find dozens of prophecies from men and women of God from all over the world who have all seen the same thing. What is remarkable is . . . all these people have seen the exact same thing coming, and that is because it is all coming from the same source. . . . So, it is really a summary or a bringing together of these voices . . . warning in advance of many things that are coming. We were warned in advance a pandemic was coming, and most people don’t even realize it. . . . Another pandemic is coming too.”

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