Focusing on Gold Discovery Exploration Stocks Can Pay off Big Even if Gold Tops Out Says John Kaiser

from Mining Stock Education

In this interview, analyst and newsletter writer John Kaiser of provides commentary on the junior resource sector. John believes that the market is not buying the new highs in gold. And if gold turns over or peaks out here, the greatest upside for gold stock speculators will come from investing in gold discovery plays. Even though the gold price has been lifting the junior mining stocks thus far, John believes we will see a discovery-led resource bull market and that is where he is trying to find the next 10-bagger or more. John mentions several companies and shares both his biggest mistake of 2020 thus far as well as his most successful stock pick.

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0:00 Introduction

1:37 Do you still expect a discovery-led bull market?

4:05 Are there any discovery plays with potential to lift the whole sector?

7:55 Producers’ new found cashflow to be deployed into juniors?

9:47 Identifying red flags and opportunities in legacy projects

12:59 Commentary on Northern Dynasty’s final EIS

14:41 Your biggest mistake of 2020?

16:14 Your biggest stock pick winner of 2020?

17:23 Do you invest in the producers?

18:06 Feedback from John’s subscribers

20:50 “Osino Resources is one of my favorites”

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