Buckle Up: $20,000+ Gold and the Real Reason Silver Will Skyrocket Above $200

from King World News

Today one of the greats in the business predicted $20,000+ gold and also discussed the real reason why silver will skyrocket above $200.

Surging Gold, Silver And Commodities

August 29 (King World News) – Stephen Leeb: The pandemic, to state the obvious, is affecting the world in numerous ways big and small. It has generated plenty of commentary about where it all is leading. But to state something that may be less obvious, one of its most significant effects will be to speed up a shift in economic clout from West to East and more specifically from the U.S. to China. That has enormous implications for investors. They encompass three closely interrelated trends that already have begun to emerge but that will be accelerating: surging gold, rising commodities, of which silver may be headed for the largest gains.

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