A $65-Million Publishing Contract and Obama Can’t Make a Deadline?

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

Like exorbitant speaking fees, book publishing contracts are one of those ways bribes can be paid to politicians undetected. Just ask Russia’s former first deputy prime minister, Anatoli Chubais, whose political career ended with that one.

So when President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama got a $65-million his-‘n’-hers book publishing contract, eyebrows were raised. It wasn’t a normal number. Oh, sure, it might have been justified by the likely volume of sales, some said. But Michelle turned her book in on time. And eighteen months past his deadline, Obama has not. Squirreled away in retirement with multiple luxury mansions to choose from, he hasn’t exactly been busy. Yet even with that kind of money at stake, he still can’t make a deadline, or even come close.

This kind of suggests that maybe getting the book from him in exchange for the cash wasn’t important?

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