81 Percent of Black Americans Want the Same Level, or More, of Police Presence: Gallup

Growing calls to defund or abolish cops in the wake of police-brutality protests are at odds with what African Americans actually want.

by Nick Gillespie

As calls to defund and abolish the police grow around the country, a new poll by Gallup finds that a large majority—81 percent—of black Americans want the same or increased levels of police presence in their neighborhoods. Just 19 percent of black Americans said they want the police to spend less time in their neighborhoods, a figure that accords with earlier surveys finding that only 22 percent of black Americans want to get rid of police forces as we know then.

[…] Gallup collected the data online between June 23 and July 6 from a representative sample of over 30,000 respondents who were sorted into one of four categories (black, white, Hispanic, and Asian). The survey also found that

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