Under China’s Thumb: You Can Buy a “KillCops” Custom T-Shirt From the NBA but Not a “FreeHongKong” One

[Ed. Note: This is no different than when cake shops started banning confederate flag decorations, but continued to allow ISIS flags. Censorship always leads to people essentially screaming, “Ok, now censor EVEN MORE, or your previous censorship will look stupid!” Don’t worry, they’re always prepared to censor more… if you keep demanding it.]

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

When China is your master, nobody cares if you stand or kneel or thumb your nose at the U.S. flag, but you’d better not cross the Chinese one.

Tha’t’s the ugly picture regarding the China-coopted National Basketball Association (NBA) and its personalized t-shirt sales operation, where Chicom censorship is alive and well.

Turns out you can personalize your t-shirt to say all kinds of ugly things – but not FreeHongKong. Someone programmed that if/else exception in, preventing any freedom lover from printing that reminder of China’s broken treaty destruction of Hong Kong onto their personalized t-shirt.

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