Trump Under Seige

from Jerome Corsi

The Left is at war with America and all of our freedoms are at stake.

It is not new, as demonstrated by this quote from a formerly devoted communist:

“The American people have got to stop fooling around with just fighting communism in the abstract. They have got to know what the thing means, why they are against it, and how to fight it.” —Bella Dodd, Testimony to the HCUA, 1953

But it is more dangerous and deadly than ever.

Convoys of ANTIFA and other militants are on the move. Experiments in Seattle and Portland have enabled them to take their violence to the next level as they met little resistence and even support from Democrat Governors and Mayors. Next stop: Atlanta…it burned in 1865, and if the communists have their way it will burn again in 2020.

Even though Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency yesterday in response to the increase in shootings and other violence over the July Fourth weekend…31 people injured, and 5 dead during a wave of crime and property destruction in Atlanta.

It is time for patriots to step up, for freedom belivers to become freedom fighters, using all legal means to push back against the violent Left, which will not stop unless we stop them NOW.

Is the action taken by the Attorney General of New York, declaring that the Black Lives Matter Foundation is to immediately cease soliciting donations in that state a sign of hope? Along with the aciton of the Governor of Georgia, are these signs that America is waking up?

This is not just about a presidential election, it is an all out attack on the very foundation and nature or America.

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