Trump Speaks the Truth, Leftists Scream Like Demons | The Andrew Klavan Show (Ep. 924)

from The Daily Wire

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The New York Times turns into the girl in The Exorcist.

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0:00 – Intro
2:32 – Top Comment
3:19 – The Big Idea: Trump The Exorcist
10:45 – The Crazy Reaction To Trump’s Mt. Rushmore Speech By Media
12:47 – Trump Explains The Danger Of The Left Trying To Erase History
16:59 – Media Say Trump’s Speech Dark, Aggressive and Fascistic
20:50 – Trump Explains The Source Of Liberal Attitude
22:30 – Stupidest Girls in America Sing “F-the USA”
26:25 – Joe Biden Gives July 4th Message: Happy Birthday America, You Suck
29:35 – Former NFL Star Stephen Davis Cuts Video Praising American Flag
33:02 – What Happens When You Let The Left Govern Cities – They Fall Apart – 8-Year-Old Girl Killed By BLM Protestors

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