This is the Real Reason Why Silver is up Over 6% Today, Plus Gold Sees Massive Breakout

from King World News

This is the real reason why silver is up over 6% today, plus gold sees massive breakout.

Massive Gold Break Out

July 21 (King World News) – Eric King: “Alasdair, we’re seeing these breakouts in the gold and silver markets. That $1,820 level in gold fell, and silver just seems to be relentlessly pushing higher after its breakout. Can you talk about what’s going on in these markets?”

Gold Shorts Under Enormous Pressure

Alasdair Macleod: “If you look at gold, there is just nothing around (no gold for sale). And the bullion banks, in the form of swaps, are short up to their necks. I don’t know what the figure is going to reveal when we see the latest Commitment of Traders figures, but I think it is reasonable to assume that the monetary value of those bullion bank shorts is the greatest on record.

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