Social Distancing at Funerals is for Little People Not Named John Lewis

by John Nolte

The funeral for civil rights icon John Lewis is yet another example of how our hideous elites have turned the rest of us into second class citizens.

It is also an example of what they truly believe about the risks associated with the coronavirus.

Over the past few months, we have read heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story about how the fascist, left-wing government has cruelly, and unnecessarily, either restricted the number of mourners at the funeral of a loved one or denied the right for anyone to attend funerals – including funerals for parents and spouses.

Meanwhile, many of these very same left-wing government officials are not only encouraging, championing, and even joining countless of massive Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests, look at the attendance of left-wing elites at the funeral for Lewis:

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