Rewrite the Past, Control the Future | The Michael Knowles Show (Ep. 574)

from The Daily Wire

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Trump gives the National history lesson, Biden trashes America on her birthday, and Kanye’s running for president!

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00:00 – King George III on George Washington
00:56 – Viewer Question/Comment
01:54 – Trump History Lesson
08:24 – What’s Trump Going to Do?
17:04 – Mt. Rushmore Speech Coverage
20:55 – Kaepernick: Reject Celebration of White Supremacy
25:52 – Potential Biden VP Tammy Duckworth on Tearing Down Statues
30:05 – Biden on the 4th of July
34:52 – Kanye for President
38:13 – Prince Harry is Lame
40:23 – BLM Protestor Killed While Protesting on Highway
44:37 – Frederick Douglass Torn Down
45:30 – Viral TikTok Video: F*** Trump and F*** the USA!
46:30 – I Watched Hamilton

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