Op-Ed: Xi, It’s Really Happening

by John Moody
LaCorte News

China’s leader, Xi Jinping, must be smiling behind his N-95 mask these days. He can smell the demise of the United States and is taking advantage of it to supplant his old foe as the world’s foremost military and economic power. Meanwhile, the U.S. devours itself in the name of justice.

Xi sees Donald Trump being mercilessly pummeled by the American media, which refuses to acknowledge that he has done anything positive. The Chinese media knows its place: In Xi’s pocket.

He sees American law enforcement, federal as well as local, hamstrung in its response to rioting, looting and destruction of private and public property. He sees Democratic politicians terrified to disown — “cancel” if you will — the Nazi-like tacticts of Black Lives Matter, a group that openly espouses the overthrow of American democracy. Xi’s army and police know they have his backing. So they can get the job done.

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