Lyn Alden: U.S. Fiscal Policy Reactions are Creating Best Case Scenario for Gold and Silver

from Palisade Radio

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Tom welcomes a new guest Lyn Alden to the program. Lyn’s finds her background in engineering useful when examining markets and uncovering feedback mechanisms. She discusses the different debt bubbles and how they have only grown over the past decade.

The congressional budget office has failed to take recessions into account in their projections. As a result, we have already hit debt levels they were not expecting for another five to ten years.

Longterm Lyn expects the dollar to decline based on it’s historical cycles. Commodities, including gold, are at historically cheap levels, and the recent sell-off in commodities has made oil and copper more attractive.

Gold appears fairly valued currently, but the trend is going higher. Periods of negative or low bond yields are perfect environments for gold, and most investors still have little or no exposure to gold.

Silver could easily outperform in part because it’s such a small market. Any inflows could have outsized effects on the price. If there is an explosion in electric vehicle sales, we could see silver and the base metals used in the electrical grid move much higher.

This is an excellent environment for gold and other scarce assets.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Studying markets and feedback loops.
2:00 – Debt bubbles today and growth.
6:20 – US Budget projections didn’t consider recessions.
7:20 – US dollar overview soverign/corporate debt.
10:50 – Expectations for a lower US dollar.
13:10 – Valuations and allocating capital.
15:15 – Commodities at historic lows.
17:50 – Gold versus interest rates and yields.
22:30 – Comparing PM’s to the rest of the market.
23:40 – Central banks gold holdings and Russia.
26:45 – What she invests in the gold market.
28:48 – Silver raio and silvers future performance.
32:00 – Thoughts on Tesla and commodities in an EV world.
33:30 – Predictions for coming years.

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