Let’s Talk About Black Privilege

by Rich Logis
American Thinker

There are approximately 250 million Americans aged 20 and over. How many don’t believe that black lives matter?

I want a number, backed up by evidence — not a dissertation, pontification, polemic, manifesto, or Socratic dialogue. A number.

Not having to provide a fact-based number: black privilege — yes or no?

Take NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, who imagined a noose the way the narrator in Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart imagined a droning beating heart. A hysterical black American creates unnecessary panic over a noose found in his garage; draws 15 FBI agents to investigate, at a total of tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money; investigation confirms the black American’s story was paranoia; FBI goes home; nothing happens to the black American for making a false accusation and creating unnecessary panic; continues to receive fawning press in the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex). Black privilege — yes or no?

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