How Has This Viral Covid-19 Story Hit the New York Times with Zero Corroboration?

[Ed. Note: My mother sent me this article on the day that it came out, asking me if it was true. I told her that it was almost certainly a hoax. Well, color me surprised, it’s a hoax… Again.]

by Shelby Talcott

The New York Times has been criticized after running with an unverified story about a Texas man who died after attending a “COVID party.”

The newspaper published an article July 12 claiming that “a 30-year-old man who believed the coronavirus was a hoax and attended a ‘Covid party’ died after being infected with the virus.” The article cited Methodist Hospital in San Antonio’s chief medical officer Dr. Jane Appleby, who claimed the man told his nurse before dying that he believed the virus was a hoax and had attended the party.

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