Gold Reaches $2,000/oz Prior to Two “Concerted Attacks” in Futures Market

by King Report

“Anyone that’s been around the block a few times with gold knows that at some point ‘they’ will stage a concerted effort to drive gold lower.”

December gold hit $2,000 at 21:19 ET Monday. It then retreated and traded sideways until 22:50 ET. Then someone slammed gold down to $1,955 in 20 minutes. This is obvious “impact trading.” Gold then traded sideways for over four hours. (see red line above).

At 3:27 ET another attack on gold commenced. December gold finally bottomed at $1,927.50 at 3:51 ET.

Gold rebounded sharply after Goldman hiked its target price to $2,300.

The duo concerted attacks on gold suggest that someone with stature has transitioned from being alarmed about gold to being afraid of gold. …

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