Dow’s Path to New Record Highs

by Rick Ackerman

Bulls now have a path to 3392 in the E-Mini S&Ps, just a few points below the all-time high recorded on February 20. A rally to the target would equate to around 30,000 for the Dow Industrials, a number that seems no less absurd now than in late March as the broad averages began a trampoline bounce from pandemic lows. The news hasn’t improved, nor have earnings, making this rally arguably the most peculiar in stock-market history. Fed stimulus on an unprecedented scale has made it happen, even if it seems doubtful that trillions in funny money ginned up by the Wizards will put the U.S. economy on a sustainable path to recovery.

Asian stocks have gone bananas as well, which is ironic since it is happening just as top U.S. leaders, including VP Mike Pence, have begun to acknowledge the obvious — that the U.S. and China have begun a Cold War likely to stoke intense hostilities for years or even decades to come.

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