Did George Floyd Die from an Overdose of Fentanyl or from Homicide?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

As readers know, I am a long-time critic of gratuitous police violence. My many columns on the subject have cost me readers who saw my columns as undermining the police and thereby law and order. I agree with readers that crime is real and that there is a danger that punishing the police for abusing their power can reduce their zealousness in enforcing laws. On the other hand, refusing to hold police accountable allows misbehavior to continue that eventually undermines their reputation as has now occurred.

As readers know, I am also a critic of authorities, including those in Minnesota, for having our police given Israeli police training. Israelis use police to suppress the Palestinian population. In my opinion this kind of aggressive training is risky when some members of the force are attracted by power and authority instead of public service.

Having this track record, some readers are now confused that I seem to be taking the side of the police in the George Floyd case.

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