China in Upheaval

from Jerome Corsi

Dr. Corsi reports that law enforecment is finally taking action against the domestic rerrorists who hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement to tyranize America.

Federal authorities have arrested an Antifa ringleader named Jason Charter. Charter lead the attack against the Andrew Jackson memorial among other terrorist acts.

Another indication that law enforcement is on the march: Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s wex trafficking Co-conspirator has been arrested while hiding out on a 146 acre estate in New Hampshire.

Of course, since the action was taken by the FBI and DOJ of the Southern District of New York (SDNY), immediate concerns arise regarding the physical safety of Maxwell, and her ability to name names before she is no longer breathing.

However, injustice dies hard, as evidenced by the fact that Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ordered Roger Stone to report back to prison from his home confinement due to COVID concerns within the jails. Of course, a pedophile in that same facility was just released and sent home due to concerns about the Coronavirus, but perhaps hiis life is valued more highly by the judge than Stone’s.

Finally, Joshua Phillips with Epoch Media, who has been doing excellent reporting regarding Communist China, has released a video that highlights several indications that the commumnist regime, and it’s leader Xi Xinping in particular are in high peril due to a series of events in the country that take on biblical significance. Xi may be in hiding as the Three Gorges Dam may be about to collapse, Wuhan is under water from flooding, Beijing is locked down due to a supposed new virus outbreak, and of course, President Trump’s strong action finally pushing back against Communist China’s plan to dominate the world and impose it’s despotic system upon us all.

Dr. Corsi is working on a project to launch a Conservative social media alternative to counter the Silocon Valley leftist tyrants. Pray for our success.

Our prayers are with President Trump and all Americans as we enter the Independence Day weekend. May you all enjoy this time with family and friends. Stay strong, for we will never be silenced, we will never surrender, we will fight on the the final victory in God’s name.

God bless you all Corsi Nation.

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