Central Banks Continue to Buy Gold as Global Instability Ratchets Higher

by Nathan McDonald
Sprott Money

Both gold and silver bullion continue to trade higher at the time of writing, moving in lockstep with the ever increasing global instability—with none other than Central Banks leading the charge.

[…] The king of metals, gold bullion, continues to hold solidly above the $1800 USD per oz. mark. Each passing day it remains above this crucial psychological level helps underpin its strength.

Meanwhile the metal of the people, silver bullion, has shown even greater strength over this last week, moving sharply higher and now trading above the $19.00 USD per oz. level, which it broke through in rapid succession.

Underpinning these moves higher in both gold and silver bullion are the plethora of political and economic instabilities that the world now faces. These are driven largely by the incredible strain to the system brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is diminishing in some parts of the world while rapidly spiraling out of control in others.

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