After Calling for No Fireworks for California’s 4th of July, Gavin Newsom Was in for a Surprise

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

Amid a new outbreak of the coronavirus, California’s Gavin Newsom was adamant that no firework celebrations be done on the Fourth of July, because the public simply could not be trusted to socially distance.

Addressing the counties on California’s watchlist, he explained, “We have worked with those counties, the 19 counties that are mandatory closure lists and we have made it clear privately- now we’re making it more abundantly clear publicly- that we believe that they should consider canceling some of their fireworks shows and presentations. By the way, a number of cities have done just that, LA in San Francisco.”

There were also all those families, something Democrats have never been too fond of either, and all that demon rum they might ingest together, so:

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