What Fake Gurus Don’t Tell You! (My Best Investing Advice Revealed)

from George Gammon

BEWARE!! The fake gurus are ?? GUIDING YOU DOWN THE WRONG PATH! ?? But I’m here to show you where they’re wrong and reveal a proven method to be successful over the long term, not just for a few months. The key is you want to focus on value, buying a $1 for .50. Buy low and sell high sounds easy but very few people actually put this into practice. Why? Because they get caught up in all the emotions that are the investment downfall of humans. We’re simply hardwired to lose money investing and speculating. So you need to always be aware of your tendencies towards fear and greed driving bad decision making. What makes this much easier is focusing on value instead of price direction. It sounds crazy, but 99% of people would be better off if they never saw the price of the stock (business, commodity etc.) they were buying.

In this how to invest better video I discuss the following:

1. Buy when things are cheap, sell things when they’re expensive.
2. Common mistakes people make.
3. A real world example of how to do it the right way!

? Link for the “In Gold We Trust Report” updated commodities vs S&P chart on page 41.

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