The Final Chapter

by Theodore Butler
Silver Seek

All things, both good and evil, come to an end. So it will be with the great silver price manipulation, which I date as having existed, in its COMEX-orchestrated version from 1983. Before that, of course, silver prices were never truly free, mostly as a result of some type of government interference. The US Government both supported and then depressed the price of silver for a hundred years prior to 1983, first by amassing more than 5 billion ounces and then by disposing of same.

As the US Government ran out of silver at the turn of the century, the COMEX-induced price manipulation took over by means of concentrated short selling by a small number of revolving banks and financial firms. The vital role of lead short seller varied among a number of firms that saw the baton passed from Drexel Burnham Trading, to AIG Trading and to Bear Stearns (all of which failed financially), until finally it was passed to JPMorgan in 2008.

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