Take Your Pearl-Clutching and….

by Karl Denninger

…. shove it up your ass.

Oh, this is about endemic racism in our police forces — or America in general — eh? Really?

Who remembers the white Australian, unarmed woman who came up to a cop car in Minneapolis a few years ago? The “diversity hire” fired across his partner’s body inside the cop car after she approached them to seek assistance. Oh, he claimed “his civil rights were violated” during the trial too. How about her civil rights? She’s not in much of a position to protest, having been murdered by said jackass.

Think this is an anomaly? Nope. Cops shoot and otherwise kill far more white people than black people. Don’t believe me; look at Statista. Yet blacks commit far more murders than whites on a per-capita basis and those aren’t my numbers either; they’re straight from the DOJ. In fact a black man is roughly eleven times as likely to commit homicide as a white man.

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