Stop the Stupid or Go Out of Business

by Karl Denninger

So Universal thinks you’ll pay $100+ to “visit” their “fine park” and have the people working there outfitted like they’re in an ICU.

Oh, and you’re expected to as well – including with a mask. Which you must wear except when eating and, it appears, when actually riding certain attractions.


You can come to places that are not stupid and ignore such insanity. Oh, people in those places talk about “pledges” on billboards, but nobody pays a bit of attention any of that crap around here. Guess what: The Roma hasn’t exploded here either. If it was going to, it would have by now. Spend your money in places where you’re appreciated, and you’ll enjoy whatever you’re doing more at the same time.

That’s called value and it’s what you’re supposed to get when you spend money.

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