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On Sunday May 31st 2020 a massive black lives matter rally took place in Vancouver Canada where independent journalist Dan Dicks went to cover and promote the important cause of raising awareness about what happened to George Floyd, Regis Korchinski Paquet and also the continuing growing issue of police brutality we’re seeing all over the world. Dan eventually found himself singled out and surrounded by a large group of masked individuals who were calling him a nazi white supremacists which caught the attention of the police who subsequently escorted Dicks away form the event making him the only person out of thousands who was forced to leave the BLM Vancouver rally. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the events of the day while explaining his intentions for being there and why mob mentality and group think are dangerous traits that are inherent in many on the so called tolerant left.

Justice For George Floyd & Regis Korchinski Paquet Rally Live with PFT

Vancouver Wants Justice For Regis Korchinski Paquet

Dan Dicks Surrounded And ATTACKED By ANTIFA At BLM Vancouver Live!

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