So Tell Me Again About ‘BLM’

by Karl Denninger

Let’s all hear about Floyd, who the coroner said had a significant dose of fentanyl in his system when he died. The notes on the coroner’s report show that the level in his blood was more than three times that are often sufficient to produce death.

Oh by the way, opiate overdose often produces a crazed and physically-agitated mental state just before it produces respiratory and subsequent cardiac arrest. Are you sure the cops killed him again or was he, for all intents and purposes, already dead? Good question, considering that the autopsy disclosed no damage to the structures of his neck. Whether the cops killed him or he died of an OD is an open question (and one that should be resolved through a trial in a civilized nation) but the often-repeated claim that he had “turned his life around” after multiple violent felonies, including threatening to kill a pregnant woman for which he was convicted — is clowned by the fact that he had fentanyl in him — and no known reason for a prescription to take same.

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