Ronald-Peter Stöeferle: Indications Point to $8,900 Gold Price

from Palisade Radio

Ronald returns to the program to discuss Incrementum’s recently released annual report, “In Gold we Trust.” They believe we are at the beginning of a golden decade, and the report goes over many aspects of the gold market. This year they also highlight bitcoin and have a special chapter dedicated to silver.

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Gold is one of the few reliable recession hedges. The big question now is, will this recession be very dramatic, will it be worldwide, or will it be a full-fledged depression. What matters is the steps taken by central bankers and government, which so far are unprecedented.

We see a loss of trust in many aspects of our lives, from media to politics. When a loss of confidence occurs, it can happen very quickly. Jay Powell has been saying they will do whatever it takes and that there are no limits. This approach is the big difference between 2008 and means the consequences will come much sooner. He discusses the gold-silver ratio and why silver looks very good today. He also believes that bitcoin will become a small part of many investor’s portfolios.

Time Stamp References:
0:35 – This years report on a coming golden decade.
6:20 – Recession outlook.
7:30 – Trust in central banks.
9:45 – Central banks will take extreme measures.
12:00 – Inflation indications.
15:30 – Monetary velocity concerns.
18:30 – Ronald’s training and dow theory.
22:25 – Expectations for silver and commodities.
27:30 – Contrasting bitcoin and gold.
30:40 – Book and newsletter recomendations

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