#NooseCar: Your Business or Your ‘Wokeness’

by Karl Denninger

So Bubba Wallace, forever now either Jussie Wallace or Bubba Smollett, whichever you prefer, won’t accept the judgment of the FBI nor NASCAR’s video surveillance proof itself, that in fact what he claims was a “noose” (and which, I note, he says he never saw in person) was (1) a garage pull handle fashioned of rope, (2) the garage in question, his, has a severed one and (3) it apparently had broken and been tossed aside in the garage to which he was assigned for more than six months before he was assigned it.

Oh, and such garage assignments are random too — so there’s no possible way for anyone to have known that he would be assigned that garage.

Instead of Bubba admitting that his own personal racism caused him to take what was a completely inoffensive device used for the convenience of his crew and view it through the lens of someone threatening a lynching he has doubled down, refused to apologize, and turned what could have been excused as an error into overt, outrageous, public racism and hatred of white people.

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