Has the World Gone Nuts? Perhaps Half of it Has.

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

I heard on the radio this afternoon that the Los Angeles City Council voted to either defund the police or drastically reduce their budget. Has the world gone nuts?

The governor of NY thought it proper to put Covid-19 patients in nursing homes. Has the world gone nuts?

Democrat governors around the nation, even in those states where the risk is small to non-existent, believe that States should remain closed because of the coronavirus, presumably because that will harm Trump. Has the world gone nuts?

These same governors are willing to impoverish their constituents, bankrupt businesses, etc. if that will defeat Trump.

Fortunately, these lunatics will be constrained by the President of the United States. Even if Trump is not re-elected, surely some competent Democrat will rein the lunacy in.

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