Democrats and the Media Are Tearing America Apart | The Andrew Klavan Show (Ep. 907)

from The Daily Wire

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America is United… except for the left. We all agree on where the right and wrong are, but the Democrats and their media foster hate among us. Drew Brees can’t even express his love for the American Flag, or America in general, without being lambasted and forced to apologize. Barack Obama addresses the nation, and does exactly zero good. Joe Biden does….well, nobody cares about Joe Biden. James Mattis calls Trump a threat to the constitution. Kayleigh McEnany makes Jim Acosta look silly, again. And mixed in with all this news, Rod Rosenstein admits there was no collusion between Trump and Russia.

0:00 – Intro
2:26 – Top Comment
3:20 – The Big Idea: Americans Have Stockholm Syndrome
6:44 – White people pledge not to be racist – and it is cringe
9:29 – Drew Brees apologizes for saying he doesn’t agree with kneeling during national anthem
12:47 – New York Times sorry they published opinion by Tom Cotton about military and protests
15:43 – Bob Woodson explains why welfare has not worked in America
19:27 – Barak Obama addresses the nation
22:40 – Where is Joe Biden?
30:30 – Kayleigh McEnany destroys Jim Acosta
34:00 – Rod Rosenstein says Russian collusion never happened, and that the FBI knew

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