Cops Have Started Resigning En Masse Across the Country, Crime in the CHAZ Shocks Naive Leftists

from Tim Pool

Cops Have Started RESIGNING En Masse Across The Country, Crime In The CHAZ SHOCKS Naive Leftists. In several departments across the country police are feeling demoralized and unsupported resulting in mass resignations.

In Minneapolis 7 officers have just resigned and possible 6 or so more may be on the way out. But that number is only the official HR count. Police think that many more have simply walked off the job and won’t come back

The results of this will be obvious as more and more departments thin out crime will increase and calls will go unanswered. Just like what is happening in Seattle’s “The CHaz”

Naive leftists are shocked to find their belongings stolen, tires slashed, and people are being attacked.

It may not be the end of the world but expect more crimes like this to come to your neighborhood unless we protect but also reform the police department. And by reform I mean gradual changes to help protest police and citizens.

Democrats have been trying to reject the far left call to abolish police but the activist base is stronger and seems to be winning out.


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