Can the U.S. Print Its Way Out of Financial Disaster? – Robert Kiyosaki and Jim Rogers

from The Rich Dad Channel

Can the U.S. print its way out of financial disaster?
The Fed has been printing trillions of dollars, and the amount of debt that has been added is insurmountable. America was already the largest debtor nation in the history of the world and in the last month they have added staggering amounts of debt and they continue to add more and they’re printing more money. 

Why? Today’s guest, one of the world’s most successful international investors, Jim Rogers, says “There’s an election in November in the United States. None of those guys care about you and me or other people or young people like my kids. They care about the election. They want to print and spend and borrow as much money as they can to win the election.” But the U.S. isn’t in this mess alone, countries across the globe are in the same financial crisis. 

Is there any good news? Yes! 

Listen as host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Jim Rogers discuss what effects the coronavirus is having across the globe, but more importantly, where in the world has the best opportunities for investment. 

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