AOC, Ilhan Omar and the Left Attack the Police – Western Civilization Next? | The Andrew Klavan Show (Ep. 908)

from The Daily Wire

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The left goes after civilization. Will America follow? In this episode, we discuss that question, as well as Ilhan Omar and AOC calling for the defunding and disbanding of police, what the Black Lives Matter movement actually believes, Michelle Obama cropping back up in the news to say some unhelpful things, the Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey getting booed for saying he doesn’t support defunding the cops- and journalist finally admitting they won’t be covering the news fairly.

0:00 – Intro
2:12 – Top Comment
2:43 – The Big Idea: The Craziness of the Left’s positions is the point
6:05 – The Left is trying to take down Western Civilization – and that’s what the left are trying to do with “defunding the police” argument.
9:30 – What Does Black Lives Matter actually believe? Radical Leftism.
13:44 – Michelle Obama says systemic racism exist, and it’s keeping minorities down.
14:49 – Shelby Steele says narrative that minorities are oppressed is not true.
16:40 – Brandon Straka confronts BLM protestors with facts
20:52 – Jacob Frey booed out of protest for saying he doesn’t support defunding/disbanding police.
23:20 – Ilhan Omar and AOC think we should defund police departments.
25:08 – CNN and Alisyn Camerota talk to Minneapolis City Council President who says police defending you is just “privilege”
26:58 – LA tells police they will defund the department, cops fight back
33:10 – Journalist abandon objectivity – NYT fires opinion editor for running piece by Sen. Tom Cotton.
36:38 – Journalists and SJW’s say it’s time to stop trying to be non-partisan.
39:20 – Media cover Covid-19 protests and BLM protest much different.

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