We Don’t Need a Psychiatric Diagnosis to Assess the President’s Obvious Faults

No amount of psychoanalyzing can disguise the grim choice facing voters this fall.

by Jacob Sullum

Anti-Trump D.C. lawyer George Conway, who somehow has managed to remain married to senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, offers a characteristically harsh take on the president in a recent Washington Post op-ed piece. His assessment of Donald Trump as a narcissistic, erratic, impulsive, mendacious, petty bully with modest intellectual abilities is familiar and, I think, essentially accurate. But in the midst of describing the conspicuous evidence of these character traits, Conway tries to bolster his portrayal by citing “tens of thousands of mental-health professionals” who have “test[ed] the bounds of professional ethics” by “warn[ing] for years about Trump’s unfitness for office.”

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