Twitter Fact-Checks Trump, Turns Itself Into a Karen | The Andrew Klavan Show (Ep. 902)

from The Daily Wire

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Is social media trying to swing the election favor of the democrats? One thing is for sure, social media encourages us to squeal on one another. Andrew discusses Twitter “fact-checking” Trump about voter fraud, The President’s attacks on Joe Scarborough, George Floyd’s fatal arrest and more. Plus the Chinese Mailbag, spreading wisdom like the plague.

0:00 – Intro
2:17 – Top Comment
3:00 – The Big Idea: A Nation of Karens Won’t Stay Free
6:19 – Twitter “fact-checks” President Trump
9:40 – Is Social Media driving people apart?
11:28 – Breakdown of the “Central Park Karen” video
16:15 – MSNBC mask fail
17:17 – Biden, Media attack Trump for not wearing mask – Trump responds
20:59 – President Trump vs. Joe Scarborough – is it right or wrong?
29:00 – George Floyd’s fatal arrest
32:38 – Mailbag

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