Twitter Declares War on Trump by Censoring His Tweets and the White House Official Account’s

from Tim Pool

Twitter Declares WAR On Trump By Censoring His Tweets AND The White House Official Account’s. The tweet from Trump was deemed to glorify violence in the opinion of Twitter.

By injecting their editorial opinion over Trump’s tweets and hiding them from many users Twitter has clearly said to the world that they are not just a platform bu a publisher like the New York Times.

While leftists and Democrats engage in falsehoods same as anyone else Twitter takes special effort to target Trump.

They’re asking every person on their platform to engage in a game of chicken where they mass report everything as glorifying violence

Now that Twitter said game on they either prove their bias or ban every tweet like this

Social Media censorship is no longer questioned, its fact. Unless Twitter starts nuking Nancy pelosi and Adam Schiff (or other Democrats) its just them pushing their thumb into the scale to hurt trump


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