The Next Financial Crisis: A Global Debt Bomb is Being Primed to Go Off

by Nathan McDonald
Sprott Money

Central bankers and governments around the world are attempting to stem the economic disaster resulting from lock-downs caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, which to this date has brought about one of the most prolific expansions of debt the world has ever seen.

Individual countries have engaged in such money expansions in the past, most notably when they are circling down the drain towards economic ruin. However, never before have we seen the entire world engage in a massive fiat money-printing fiesta all at once in such a voracious manner.

Even though this may be the correct course of action to help stop the spread of COVID-19, it will come with dire consequences down the road in the form of wealth destruction on a monstrous scale for those who do not prepare accordingly and protect themselves from the coming fallout.

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