The Fear is Real, Not Orchestrated

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

For years I have been watching what little intelligence the human race ever had slowly evaporate before my eyes as governments built up arsenals of thermonuclear and biowarfare weapons that they cannot use without destroying us all. So many important social needs are forsaken, such as a national health service, in order to acquire useless weapons of mass destruction. My opinion of human intelligence is currently being reinforced by the hysteria over the attempts, however inadequate, to protect us from the consequences of a virus about which little is known.

The precautions of social distancing, masks, and closedowns are under attack both from uninformed laypersons and from some doctors and scientists. It is better to do nothing, they say, because the precautions cause more deaths from suicides caused by depression resulting from social isolation and from people afraid of going to hospitals for treatment of other life-threatening issues than die from Covid-19. Moreover, the precautions shut down the economy, which threatens life in additional ways, and prevent “herd immunity” from forming. According to this view, it is better to accept the deaths and illness in order to gain immunity.

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