So Much for Minor Rally Targets

by Rick Ackerman

A series of bullish targets in AAPL and the E-Mini S&Ps has kept us steadfastly on the right side of the trend, insane as it has seemed at times. In my latest update (see below), a target for the latter suggests it could be on its way to as high as 3149, just 7% below the all-time peak. The target is not quite the sure thing we’ve enjoyed using lesser ABC patterns, but it looks like no worse than a 50-50 bet to be reached. I’ve made the tout publicly viewable, although you would need to subscribe in order to access timely trading ideas tied to Hidden Pivot targets. Click here for a $1 trial subscription that will allow you to access all features and services of Rick’s Picks, including two virtual rooms that draw great traders from around the world.

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