Silver Producers Withhold Product, Pressure Comex: Keith Anderson

from Arcadia Economics

#Silver Producers Withhold Production, Pressure #COMEX: Keith Anderson

The COMEX silver delivery system has been experiencing a lot of trouble in recent months. Although the latest factor pressuring the market is that now some of the #silverminers have already begun or are considering withholding some of their production.

As more #traders and #investors are realizing that the silver price has been substantially suppressed, they’re taking appropriate action. And fortunately I was joined by Keith Anderson of #gold and silver mining company #GoldenOpportunities, who talked about what’s happening in the market, and how the mining companies are beginning to react.

So to find out how this gets resolved, click to watch the video now!

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Recorded by #ChrisMarcus of #ArcadiaEconomics on May 26, 2020: